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National Geographic’s Fire of Love, a Dilara Findikoglu pop-up and Heinz beans ice cream
29 July 2022

Still, ‘Fire of Love’, Sara Dosa, 2022

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FRIDAY 29th JULY – SUNDAY 31st July


Let’s start hot
National Geographic’s Fire of Love is shedding light on the remarkable love story of French scientists Katie and Maurice Kraft who dedicated their lives to two things: capturing groundbreaking images of volcanoes, and each other. Filmmaker Sara Dosa tells the captivating tale of these two explorers venturing into the unknown, having spent two decades scaling the planet for volcanic activity and documenting their findings. With a legacy that’s shaped our understanding of the natural world, this captivating documentary is a breath of fresh air in the current canon of crime/murder/killer non-fiction films, instead crafting a perfect nature meets romance narrative.

Fire of Love is out now.


Life is fucking scary
Scared of the modern world? So are the guys over at The Gagosian. Their latest exhibition, Haunted Realism unpacks the ever-evolving definition of modernity and how the craziness of the 21st century was actually anticipated by our predecessors. Combining works from over 30 artists including the likes of Meleko Mokgosi, Ed Ruscha, Jenny Saville and Jim Shaw, their subject matter explores messed-up power-plays, the uncanny characteristics of quotidian objects and the ghostly traces of our original formations. All of this masked within a vibrant colour palette and bold brush stroke.

Haunted Realism runs at The Gagosian until August 26th, more info here

‘The Birth of Melpomene’ by Jim Shaw, 2022


The best shop in town
The heatwave might have slightly settled, yet that’s no excuse not to don one of Dilara Findikoglu’s exquisite, otherworldly swimwear looks. For those whose wardrobes are lacking, the London-based designer is holding a rare pop-up shop and sample sale in Hackney this weekend. Stocking all swimwear and selected archive pieces, we’ve got our eyes on Dilara’s 2018 all-inclusive bridal collection. Not getting married, we’re just extra. Before you race out the door to join the queue, read our exclusive chat with the Turkish-British designer discussing her second swimwear collection.

Dilara Findikoglu’s Pop-Up will run at 1 Westgate Street, E8 3RL until Saturday 30th. 


Can you call yourself a foodie if you don’t have a giant watery strawberry on your wall?
Another nod to the surreal this week as Belgium artist Kristof Santy turns the food on our plates into an uncanny spread of hyper-real delights. La Grande Bouffe (named after a very unique 1973 French film everyone should watch) at Unit London is elevating portraits of food and household items in an iconographic style to highlight the surreal qualities of objects we usually dismiss. Santy’s practice aims to dissect the hidden duality lying within items such as the humble toaster or functional corkscrew. Food however, is the main attraction as an overdramatised series of strawberries, blocks of cheese and jam on toast are saturated in vibrant hues to give them a new lease of life – knife and fork at the ready.

Kristof Santy: La Grande Bouffe runs at Unit London until August 6th, more info here.

‘Aardbei’, Kristof Santy, 2022


I’d like a full English with blue sauce
We’ve all been looking for a way to cool off in London’s heat over the past few weeks and what better way than a big old scoop of ice cream. Anya Hindmarch’s Ice Cream Project isn’t offering up a traditional 99 flake however, the designer has brought together an eclectic mix of flavours celebrating her favourite cult food brands. Heinz Baked Beans, PG Tips, Kellogg’s Coco Pops and Bird’s Custard are just a few of the unexpected delights you can expect to see on the menu. Heinz Salad Cream sounds particularly… intriguing.

The Ice Cream Project will be open at The Village, 11 Pont St, SW1X 9EH until 28th August, more info here.

Food + Drink

What’s the difference between Brixton and Paris? 
Looking for a Parisian wine bar without having to cross The Channel? Say no more, Brixton’s Bottle & Rye is here to serve. Taking inspiration from the French capital’s synonymous cafe culture, the South London spot has compiled an extensive list of wines from across Europe starting at just a fiver. Food is taken care of with a bistro-inspired menu compiling dishes such as Croque Madames, vichyssoise oyster tartare and barbecued baby artichoke. Having just opened earlier this month, Bottle & Rye is the latest addition to Robin and Sarah Gill’s extensive repertoire of eateries – Sorella, Darby’s and Bermondsey Lader. Tres bon.

Bottle & Rye is located at 404-406 Market Row, SW9 8LD, more info here

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