Fear Factory: Matthew Miller pulls apart the media for FW17
Fashion | 2 January 2017

Bwa people, Burkina. From

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Top image: Bwa people, Burkina. From

Matthew Miller is known for bringing politics onto the runway. His collections often feature utilitarian fashion combined with sharp tailored pieces, each season tackling themes that highlight the harsh realities of the world. He’s called for a revolution against Generation X, commented on the racist treatment of ethnic minorities, explored skinhead culture and investigated the lives of post-conflict soldiers.

This season, he has pulled apart the press and the impact of the “fear industry”, which has taken root in the media and other opinion-shaping institutions and groups. During his preparations for LFWM, Miller took time to reflect on the inspirations for the collection.

Matthew Miller’s FW17 mood board

“The working title of the collection is “Fear Itself!”, it’s a social commentary on how the press control people through fear politics.

We are currently living in a ‘Post truth Era”. It’s a terrifying time and Generation X are peddling the lies to control us. It’s incredibly dark, but I think 2016 has been an incredibly dark year in terms of global affairs, it’s a sign of the times. Do you know where the UK sits on the Global freedom chart of press? I implore you to find out. I found it truly shocking.

For me, fashion is useful tool for exploring these ideas because the human form is the oldest canvas and still one of the most powerful. The new collection will feature religious elements, marble carving and a much more fluid approach to materials street wear and tailoring.”

Matthew Miller FW17 show will take place on Saturday 7th January at 13:00 in London. Stay tuned to HERO for full fashion week coverage from London, Milan and Paris. 

Matthew Miller’s FW17 mood board

“Do you know where the UK sits on the Global freedom chart of press? I implore you to find out. I found it truly shocking.”

Matthew Miller’s FW17 mood board

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