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Matthew Miller SS16 Preview: Before the show, the designer tells us which obsessions have shaped his collection
By Tempe Nakiska | Fashion | 12 June 2015
This article is part of Fashion Week – London, Milan, Paris, NYC

Matthew Miller works at the triple forked intersection of youth, culture and politics, a flagbearer for a generation both hyper-sensitised and totally apathetic to its surroundings. Miller’s own influences come together as a beautiful combustion of refined tailoring and fine quality materials, a triumphant reclaiming of “uniform” for youth now.

Matthew Miller SS16
“I’ve been obsessing about the words ‘Conform’, ‘Control’ and ‘Restrict,'” explains Miller of the SS16 collection. “As a designer I am incredibly influenced by the present – what’s happening around me. It seeps into me through osmosis, so it’s no wonder that after spending two months forming business plans and paper work, all I can think about is absolute control and the objects that enforce this.

Uniforms, twisting and contorting around the human form, restricting movement and the freedom we so much crave. It’s that feeling of complete and utter control that feels like absolute restriction – the feeling that makes you want to lose your shit and destroy everything. This collection is an exploration of that conformity and its subsequent descent into personal chaos.

This collection deals with the red tape of our own existence and the pressures to be normal. To exist to a prerequisite standardised continuance. Spring Summer is always a really tough season in terms of time. I’ll be looking forward to getting the collection out there, and then losing control.”

Matthew Miller presents the SS16 collection on Saturday 13th June. Stay tuned to HERO for full fashion week coverage, from London, Florence, Milan and Paris.

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