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Matthew Miller FW15 Preview: from the destruction we rise triumphant
By Tempe Nakiska | Fashion | 9 January 2015

Matthew Miller FW15 reference image

This article is part of Fashion Week – London, Milan, Paris, NYC

Top image courtesy Matthew Miller

From restriction comes creativity, from destruction rises beauty – and so goes the creed London designer Matthew Miller has sculpted, a proud vision unto itself. His is a language of subtlety: the shine-through of quality materials and the foundation of strong tailoring, a designer with elegant finesse. This season, Miller’s army will rise again…

Matthew Miller FW15 

“I’ve been thinking a lot about the social pressures to be ‘normal’ and conform,” says Miller. “What it is to be alive, to breath, to consume and die. To chase empty idealisms. How destruction and chaos can create something pure and incredibly beautiful. I’m forming an army shrouded in the idealisms of everything we’ll never have, or never be.

I love music, I’ve been listening to a lot of Underworld as it’s their 20th anniversary and Born Slippy is an incredible track. Then a friend of mine put me onto Daniel Avery, and I’ve been listening to a lot of that recently. It’s good. Really fucking good.

I like the build up of life, on clothing. the scars the rips, the wear and tear. It’s a record of everything.”

Matthew Miller presents his FW15 collection at London Collections: Men on Saturday 10th January. Stay tuned to HERO for full fashion week coverage, from London, Florence, Milan and Paris

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