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Amen Dunes takeover: Death Jokes playlist
Music | 14 May 2024

Photography by Michael Schmelling

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This week marks the release of Amen Dunes’ much-anticipated new record, Death Jokes. Marking the occasion, we’ve invited the US musician to take over HERO online, curating a series of exclusive content that offers a unique insight into his sonic world.

Following a deepdive convo between Amen Dunes and Death Jokes mixer maestro Craig Silvey, our next takeover feature is a curated playlist consisting of tracks that either influenced the album or were directly sampled. Here’s an introduction from Amen Dunes himself: “These are some of the things I was listening to and felt inspired by during the making of Death Jokes. Some were samples that ended up on the album, some just made me feel good.” Hit play, feel it.

Hobson’s Choice by Active Minds
Me Vuelves Loco by Officialalex425
Black No. 1 by Type O Negative
October by Prentiss
Benz Truck by Lil Peep
Gabriel by Roy Davis Jr
Pissed by Glaive
Lost Rivers of London by Coil
Hurian Hymn No. 6 by Michael Levy
Down South by Woody Allen
Book Bag by Rumble

Stay tuned for more exclusive features from our Amen Dunes takeover.


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