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Warpaint takeover: radiating with Corrina, food ideas that elevate your day-to-day
Music | 10 May 2022
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In celebration of Warpaint‘s new, sixth record, Radiate Like This, we’ve invited the LA band to take over HERO online, curating a series of exclusive content that offers a unique insight into their world.

For her section of the Warpaint HERO takeover, Theresa Wayman has made it a family affair, introducing us to her food-loving sister Corrina: previously a travelling chef for the Red Hot Chilli Peppers before co-founding AMARA kitchen, an LA-based initiative that promotes wellness through food. Here, Corrina shares a selection of quick and yummy recipes from her Space is Tasty repertoire that’ll make you feel as good as they taste.

“I want to take this opportunity to introduce my little sister, Corrina Jean Becker-Wayman,” says Theresa. “She’s been an inspiration to me always, in all ways. Her earthly and natural connection to health and healing keeps me rooted in what’s real and good. She creates wonderful things out of life and I’m so proud of her!

Here are a few simple and uplifting food/herbal ideas she’s introduced me to!”

Corrina Jean Becker-Wayman:
“I got my start cooking early in life, surrounded by the fresh ingredients of the Pacific Northwest. Because of a sports-related injury in 2001, I came to see food as a tool for healing, which has become a lifelong practice. My love of natural sweet treats and well-rounded cooking lead to long time employment as a personal chef for the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

While on a world tour with RHCP, I was inspired by communities that surround cooking and eating in diverse cultures. Acting on that inspiration, I co-founded AMARA kitchen, based in Highland Park, Los Angeles. After establishing AMARA in the community, I chose to continue my journey on a different path that still leads to a destination focused on wellness through food.

Cooking for people has been a method of communication. It was and is a way for me to be close, nurture relationships I cherish and evolve anew as I grow and mature. Space is Tasty is a reminder that space is a portal to exploring closeness, physics, patience and flavour. What do we taste? Molecules or space. What do we hear? Sound or the silence built into a song. Space holds and defines taste. As we open up after the Covid-19 lockdown, staying healthy and strong is something we all think about. Food is the way.



Preserved lemons are the epitome of versatility. Get familiar with them: their tang, their salt content, their brightness! They are worth it! Use them in pasta, salads, salad dressing, marinades, stews, roasted and grilled meats. Make your own or buy them in Middle Eastern or speciality stores.

  • 9 organic lemons
  • Kosher salt
  1. Wash the lemons. These will fit into two medium-sized canning jars. Slice each lemon from the top to within 1/2 inch of the bottom, almost cutting them into quarters but leaving them attached at one end. Pour one teaspoon of salt into the cavity with the exposed cut surfaces. Cover the bottom of the jar with a 1/2 teaspoon of salt. Add a salted lemon and push it down to allow the juices to pour out and combine with the salt. Add another 1/2 teaspoon of salt and a lemon, push down. Repeat until the jar is full! In a final press, help the lemons release their juices. Add to the jar the peppercorns and bay leaves, if you want added flavour. Close the jar tightly and store in a cool dark place for six weeks, or until the rinds are tender to the bite. Then store it in the refrigerator. To use, find a recipe you are inspired by or be your own muse as you pat yourself on the back for being adventurous!


Add a new sauce to a familiar dish and its different, transforming the dish from mundane to special, and potentially increasing nutritional value.

Hawthorn Berry Tincture

“Its magic and medicine are ancient and memorable. From the earliest records, it is one of the sacred trees. Hath shuts what is open and opens what is shut. Her magic, like her medicinal effect, is slow but long-lasting.” – Susun Weed on the hawthorn tree

The many and varied potential benefits of hawthorn berry tincture:

Lower blood pressure

Strengthen the heart muscle

Slow the heartbeat

Optimizes the pumping action

Dilate coronary arteries

Prevent heart disease, heart attack, and stroke

Post heart operation support

Support the immune system

Increase longevity



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