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Warpaint takeover: Emily Kokal shares pages from her personal journals
Music | 12 May 2022
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In celebration of Warpaint‘s new, sixth record, Radiate Like This, we’ve invited the LA band to take over HERO online, curating a series of exclusive content that offers a unique insight into their world.

Next up, Warpaint’s Emily Kokal shares a rare glimpse into her journals (2018 – 2021). Written during the duration of the band’s album process and also at the time her baby was born, these notes, doodles and drawings offer a behind-the-scenes glimpse into Emily’s thoughts and feelings during a time of great change and joy in her life. 

Days Of Radiance

“Here are some selections from the three journals I was using while making music that would eventually become our album, Radiate Like This. Some as early as June 2018 through March 2020 when my kid was born until the end of 2021 when the record was mixed and mastered.

Shout out to Laraaji/Eno’s Day Of Radiance which I’ve listened to countless times when writing and drawing. Listen to Meditation No.1 + No.2 of our playlist to accompany your viewing experience, if you please.”

“[This is the] first drawing in my notebook during our first demoing session for the record, just us four, done sitting around while tracking at Stella’s studio in Joshua Tree. Throughout that long weekend I drew a bunch of smiley-faced characters that were so weird and slightly creepy, making me laugh. I found out later I’d been pregnant during that week. It reminds me of some kind of colouring book from my childhood. It’s also now our Merch! (Including top right smiling flower pot guy.)”

“A one-liner woman drawn on the other side of the Proof lyrics.”

Song Board
“To keep things tidy.”

“Lyrics to Melting except for the last two words (a prime example of having a hard time finishing things).”

Why Not?
“Doodles are my way of breaking up the lyrics or music work without pulling myself completely out of the zone. I can usually tell if it’s pre or post-baby because there are usually little kid scribbles (or in this case, chalk stamps) on most things. I love drawing with other people and I always looked forward to doing this stuff with a kid; the most free little artists!”

New Age
“RIP this working title and FANTASTIC album cover.”

“Hip To The Left”

“Nature is not mute, man is deaf – Satre
To the degree that you condemn others and find evil in others you are to that degree unconscious of that same thing in yourself – Carl Jung.”

“I noticed this word drawn on many pages going back through my journals for this piece, even before we named the record Radiate Like This.”

“A perfect example of shit getting weird while working alone.”

New Age / New Journal
“Beginning the post-baby/pandemic part of my album making journey, March 2020 through 2021 was mostly working on it alone, all of us staying connected via zoom and audiomovers. Bouncing stems ∞”

“Beautiful word and beautiful song brought in by Theresa.”

“Forever in high school doodling my favorite band on my binder.”

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