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Hit play on Los Bitchos’ ‘Pre-Gig Pump Playlist’
Music | 24 May 2023
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Los Bitchos are coming home. Following an extensive EU and US tour that included Coachella and Austin Psych Fest, the London-based band are returning to home soil to perform at this weekend’s Wide Awake Festival. And it’s on stage that this four-piece shine, through rhythmic waves and romping drums. Let The Festivities Begin! – cried the title of the band’s latest record, an entirely instrumental work that referenced Tarantino films, swaggering cowgirls, prowling panthers and desert drives, all within a landscape of surrealist fantasy and fun. In anticipation of their Wide Awake set, we present Los Bitchos’ Pre-Gig Pump Playlist – a set of bangers that’ll make you move, make you groove.

Ojos Asi by Shakira
This is 90s Shakira absolutely killing it. I love the Arabic influences running through the song and the essence of intrigue that it gives. (Serra)

I Should Be So Lucky by Kylie Minogue
“Kylie has the ability to lift my spirits no matter what the occasion. This song is pure joy and it’s so damn 80s!” (Serra)

Holiday by Madonna
“The message is simple, yet so powerful. It makes me wanna continue living and keep on holidaying.” (Serra)

Heaven Is A Place On Earth by Belinda Carlisle
“This is just an ultimate feel good, epic anthem vibe.” (Nic)

The Only Way Is Up by Yazz
“Pumping from start to finish! It’s impossible not to feel good listening to this tune.” (Nic)

Freed from Desire by Gala
“A club classic to jump around to before going on stage or to stand in a crowd anticipating a show.” (Nic)

Hot Stuff by Donna Summer
“How catchy is that main riff though? Just can’t get enough of it. A classic which should be a staple at every party.” (Josefine)

Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! by ABBA
“Our love for ABBA is no secret, so here it is! This song slaps extra hard and always lifts the mood of everyone present.” (Josefine)

The Cleopatra Kick by Jack LaForge
“We heard this at The 13th floor the day we played in Austin. The DJ that night was a legend and played the best tunes – I fell in love with this one immediately.” (Agustina)

Bongo cha cha cha by Caterina Valente
“It’s so sassy and it just makes us want to dance!”

Los Bitchos play Wide Awake on 27th May – buy tickets here.


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