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Warpaint takeover: Jenny Lee Lindberg shares the abstract artwork that helped her through the pandemic
Art | 11 May 2022
This article is part of Takeovers

In celebration of Warpaint‘s new, sixth record, Radiate Like This, we’ve invited the LA band to take over HERO online, curating a series of exclusive content that offers a unique insight into their world.

Here, Jenny Lee Lindberg shares a series of paintings created during the pandemic alongside works that inspire her own. Finding solace in creativity, these works allowed her to express freely, creating unique, abstract works. (We suggest viewing while the band’s new record Radiate Like This floats out of the speakers.)

“During the pandemic I painted a lot – here are some of my pieces from this time,” Lindberg tells us. “Allowing my stream of consciousness to guide the way, having no real plan of where I would end up and constantly allowing change – embracing it, in fact. A very childlike process and approach, no judgements, just taking my time and seeing where it takes me…”

Blue Dream
“Floating on small bits of tetris pieces, trying to hold it all together while being castaway at sea…”

Smoking Ghosts
“Trying to rid myself of poopy thoughts and feelings… striving to let the brightness peak through.”

Space In
“Keeping space around oneself to have a deeper understanding for spatial relations.”

Coral Reef
“A fun experiment with bright colours… and sparkles… sort of feels like a bunch of birds having a meeting on a coral island… (sure, why not).”

Morten Lassen
“An abstract painter I dig. I love his use of shape, colour, space, lines… it will catch my eye every time.”

Teresa “tyda” Sterbova
“Another abstract painter I am just in utter awe of. THE COLOURS! The chaos! It’s breathtaking. She has a style for sure, she doesnt repeat. She is recognisable from her colour palette alone.”

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