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FONTAINES D.C. TAKEOVER – listen to the sonic footnotes that fed the band’s new record
Music | 8 August 2020
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To mark the release of Fontaines D.C.’s sophomore record, A Hero’s Death, we’ve invited the nascent Irish band to take over HERO. Watch out for exclusive content and insights into the band’s influences, experiences and obsessions…

Following up a debut record is never easy, nevermind one as dominant as Fontaines D.C.’s 2019 record Dogrel. Taking the knife to that initial bolt of angst and hacking at the raw edges, the Irish band’s follow-up work, A Hero’s Death, sees them distil their influences and experiences with a refined nihilism and torn vulnerability that reflects the world it’s born into.

Finishing their HERO takeover, Fontaines D.C. have curated an expansive playlist featuring songs that were buzzing around their heads while writing and recording the new record. From Robert Plant howls to Beach Boys harmonies, think of these as the sonic footnotes to Fontaines D.C.’s brilliant sophomore record.

Fontaines D.C.’s A Hero’s Death is out now via Partisan Records.
Stay tuned for more from Fontaines D.C.’s HERO takeover.

Top image: photography by Pooneh Ghana.

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