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Cop a look – Christopher Owens caps off our take over by rebooting his original Girls artwork
Art | 27 September 2014
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In anticipation of his second solo album release next week, we’ve invited singer-songwriter and Girls founder Christopher Owens to take over HERO online. Over the coming days, watch out for exclusive content and insights into the San Francisco based musician’s influences, experiences and obsessions…

Christopher Owens captures random moments of his life in iPhone snaps. Some end up on his Twitter feed, but many remain in his own personal archive, and it’s only on the rare occasion that he’ll scroll through. We all do it, the only point of difference being the content itself and the platform via which we put our intimate insights out. We reblog on Tumblr, others hashtag on Instagram. Owens makes collages.

Think back to Girls’ debut 2009 album (Album) and its floral grid mish-mashed with portraits of Chet “JR” White and a sock and flip flop clad Owens. And the similarly – though more intimately – tiled artwork for the band’s second record, the 2010 EP Broken Dreams Club. Alone, each image is mundane. Together, they tell a story.

To close our take over, Owens made us a series of collages with photos he’s captured recently. Check them out above and read in what you will…

Above: Nothing More Than Everything To Me by Christopher Owens, from the new solo album, A New Testament – out Monday, 29th September on Turnstile Music.

Follow Owens on TwitterFacebook and find tour updates at his website. You can pre-order A New Testament on iTunes 


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