A new testament

Christopher Owens takes the HERO wheel as we speed towards next week’s album release
Music | 22 September 2014
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Christopher Owens’ history isn’t your run of the mill ‘music-was-my-diet-as-a-child’ pop star’s tale. Owens didn’t really have a childhood – instead he spent his formative years traipsing much of Asia and Europe with the Christian cult Children of God, until as a teen he ran away to Amarillo, Texas, where he was taken under the wing of American oil baron Stanley Marsh III. After moving West, he met Matt Fishbeck and played guitar in Ariel Pink’s Holy Shit before getting together with Chet JR White to form his own project, Girls, via which they released two albums and an EP to mega acclaim. After disbanding Girls, Owens put out his debut solo effort, Lysandre, and this month it’s time for his second.

A New Testament continues that typically simple style of songwriting and honest lyrics, but it’s all filtered through the grassroots American country, RnB and gospel influences that have been rattling Owens’ speakers his entire adult life. Working with John Anderson, Darren Weiss and Danny Eisenberg (all of whom Owens worked with on Girls), Owens works through a newly optimistic headspace, “finally,” as he explains, putting out some “real love songs – not unrequited long songs”. That would be a reference to his current relationship, which recently clocked the four year mark. Props, Chris.

To celebrate the album release, we’ve invited Christopher Owens to take over HERO online for a week. Over the coming days, we’ll be sharing a bunch of exclusive content curated by the man himself, sharing insights into his influences, experiences and obsessions.

If you’re not familiar with Owens, this week’s a pretty decent intro. Press play on his new video, Never Wanna See That Look Again, and stay tuned  for more Christopher Owens-curated content in the coming days.

Christopher Owens’ new solo album, A New Testament, is out next Monday, 29th September on Turnstile Records. Follow Owens on TwitterFacebook find tour updates at his website.


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