Watch the incredible moment Coperni spray-painted a dress on Bella Hadid
By Alex James Taylor | Fashion | 1 October 2022
This article is part of Fashion Week – London, Milan, Paris, NYC

Yesterday’s Coperni show delivered a fashion week moment. At the show’s finale, Bella Hadid stepped onto a platform wearing just a pair of black thongs and white kitten heels.

Here, two technicians circled the model spraying her with layers of a new spray-on fabric invented by Fabrican Ltd. Layer upon layer, this foamy, web-like substance began to congeal and form an asymmetrical, figure-hugging (like never before) dress with an off-the-shoulder neckline was miraculously realised. Then, an assistant sliced the fabric to create a leg slit and removed the straps from Hadid’s shoulders before the model walked the runway in her new garment. The moment instantly went viral.

The moment was in some way reminiscent of Alexander McQueen’s iconic SS99 spray-painted dress for Shalom Harlow, in which mechanic robots covered her white dress with paint. However, Coperni’s use of this new spray-fabric suggested further innovation. What could this mean for the future of clothing? Could we all one day spray our own clothes on in the morning? Could it be used to mend rips or tears? Could it be used for medical dressings and bandages? Let’s wait and see.

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