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FW19 preview: Alex Mullins is looking at anti-gravitational garments in a wonky world
Fashion | 19 December 2018
This article is part of Fashion Week – London, Milan, Paris, NYC

Following from last season’s subversive fusion of tie-dye balaclavas and over-sized high-end tailoring, a physical manifestation of the functional disparity between our brain’s left and right hemispheres, Alex Mullins looks set to continue his investigation into hybridised dressing. Four years on from launching his label and he is still populating his “wonky world”.

Last season for instance, saw him present looks grouped by theme, palette or fabric, with outfits appearing down the catwalk like the cast of an Exactitudes photograph. This year will see a similar format to the show’s structure (which we’re very pleased about), as Mullins takes in the weird and wonderful for a show that will doubtlessly remind us all why his name is one of the first ones we circle on the schedule.

What’s been on your mind this season?
“The signature collection: a surreal, smart, chic, wiggly wardrobe of clothes. Playing with the idea of role reversal for garments – soft and hard, combination and hybrid garments. Getting in and out of shiny cars at twilight.”

It’s a new year, what’re your hopes for 2019?
“World Peace. Plus more experiments, more laughs, more weirdness, more projects. I would also really like a puppy.”

Are there any particular references you want to highlight?
“Not really! For the last few seasons I have been simply building my wonky world based around classic looks. Developing as an aesthetic. Experimenting with colour, texture, detail, cut, print and layering. Being inspired by actual clothes and how we wear them.”

Last season saw you present nine three-look groupings. Are you going to continue looking at new combinations and ways of creating narrative like this?
“Definitely – I’m still super obsessed with having a series of looks grouped by theme (you can see another example of this similar idea in my most recent Ellesse collaboration at, where I explored this theme by grouping three textile effects). For FW19 I’m exploring theme through colour.”

You also introduced some new fabrics and techniques. What can we expect this season?
“Anti-gravitational garments, VERY excited about that. I’m also revisiting some old favourite AM signature textiles – patchwork, wonky graphics, blankets, and a new custom wool/denim hybrid fabric.”

Alex Mullins’ FW19 show takes place on Sunday 6th at 15:00.
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