psych trip(tychs)

Alex Mullins SS19
Fashion | 11 June 2018

Building on the distorted elements present in his FW18 collection, Alex Mullins showcased a diverse collection of 27 looks arranged in a series of nine triptychs. His psychedelic references twisting with disjointed structural silhouettes and unexpected fabrics.

Mullins’ graphic and surreal aesthetic was most evident in his innovative bags which were worn around the chest like vests; like painterly shapes, they featured asymmetric zips and bold colours. Similarly, large circular bags were strapped high around the chest. Those resembling rocks were held, counteracting the most wearable pieces of the collection: wildly printed shirts and long shorts. 

The show finished with references to the east: the closing looks featured Koi carp and creatures from Japanese irezumi, Asian embellishment and a crescendo absorbed by flashing lights and music. A smorgasbord of references, think of it as pick ‘n’ mix on a sartorial scale.

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