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Record Riot: The guys from Jack White’s Third Man Records kick off our new playlist series
By Alex James Taylor | Music | 19 June 2015

Still, Pujol Circles, 2014

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Top image: Still, Pujol Circles, 2014

Welcome to Record Riot, our shiny new playlist series in which our pick of the world’s greatest vinyl shops make us a very special mix. We’ve butted heads with some of the maddest music obsessives out there to bring you the tunes that are rattling their speakers on high rotation – right now.

This is our ode to the record store, those sacred spaces where stale beer from the previous night’s gig substitutes holy water, stained glass windows are replaced by vintage gig posters and the altar is your discount vinyl heap. The rooms where crate digging will rob you of many hours in the sun, and boy is it worth it when you find that mega rare banned copy of God Save the Queen.

In an evolving musical landscape shifting towards intangible downloads, record stores hold an intrinsic position, in championing physical musical output they are both preservers and purveyors, functioning on a variety of different levels; so called ‘third places’ where musos can squabble, bands form and where the culture of music can be seen, heard and held in your hands. Whether it’s where you bought your first record or simply a private haven amongst the chaos of life, these places are kindred – and that’s worth celebrating.

Third Man Records

Third Man Records is the brainchild of axe-wielding blues god Jack White, originally founded as a record label in Detroit (White’s hometown) in 2001 before materialising as a physical location in Nashville in 2009.

More a music empire than a store, Third Man Records in its current state contains a record store, record label offices, photo studio, dark room and live venue with analog recording booth. Championing vinyl – White was named official ambassador for Record Store Day in 2013 – Third Man Record not only boasts a wealth of rare and illusive vinyl but also holds the record for the world’s fastest released record when White recorded and pressed a live rendition of his track Lazaretto in a speedy 3 hours, 55 minutes and 21 seconds.

The Nashville store itself is an abstraction of White’s DNA, aesthetically it’s a forgotten gem from the 50’s – after all, it’s only a short drive from Elvis’ iconic Sun Studio – his Mondrian-esque primary colour theme is instilled throughout the interior with tons of memorabilia and merch dotted around.

This is record store interior at the max, and with the planned opening of a new Third Man store in Detroit later this year in partnership with local leathergoods maker Shinola, it’s only getting better. We thought we’d celebrate a bit early by asking these guys to whip us up a hot list of the tunes currently firing up their 9-6 all day er’yday. Yeah, they delivered alright.

Marcy by Kelley Stoltz
“Gotta start it out with a shameless plug for our own stuff, right? Perfect summer record/song, it’s on our turntable more often than not.”

They Come in Gold by Shabazz Palaces
“These guys played a show at our place a few months ago, one of those wonderful times when people are as cool and kind as their music is good”

My Maria by BW Stevenson
“Soothe yr soul with one of the best country songs ever made”

Portland Oregon by Loretta Lynn
“Soothe yr soul further with another of the best country songs ever made”

Circles by Pujol
“Pujol’s LP Kludge is my personal favourite record of 2014. Perfect garage punk nuggets. Had this song stuck in my head for 8 months. Not even mad”

Living the Dream by Sturgill Simpson
“Sturgill S. is everything that is right about modern “Americana” music, whatever that even is”

Cult of Video by Video
“These guys put on one of the most fun punk shows I’ve seen in my life, and they did it at 3pm in the pouring rain with an audience made mostly of moms wearing galoshes and Lululemon stuff”

Brazil by Dex Romweber Duo
“I actually didn’t know Dex or his band The Flat Duo Jets before I started working at Third Man Records. Life has meaning now”

Milkman by Bully 
“Current summer jam”

Get it Up For Love by Ned Doheny
“Met a friend of my friend Karl in New Orleans on my recent road trip in the Third Man Rolling Record Store. He sent us off with this, been really diggin it”

Marfa Lights by Steelism
“Really sweet pedal steel based instrumental rock out of Nashville”

Some Weird Sin 
by Iggy Pop

Third Man Records,623 7th Ave S, Nashville, TN 37203. For updates on the soon to be opened Detroit location stay tuned to the website

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