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Darkness Falls Playlist: Sunstack Jones – making magic with a mix from the Liverpool four
By Tempe Nakiska | Music | 4 December 2014

Above: Still from video for ‘You Can Help Me Out’ by Sunstack Jones

Winter has descended and that means it’s time to delve into our latest mix series, with playlists from the bands featured in Issue 12. Next up is Sunstack Jones.

The Liverpool four piece have their own way of working, preferring to spend time in the studio hashing out new soundwaves than on the road reiterating their established materials. If it works, stick with it, right? “It’d drive me mad though, man, playing the same songs over and over,” vocalist Chris Jones explains. “We’ve only done a handful of gigs promoting Roam (the band’s second LP), but had we done any more we would have just ended up playing our new stuff anyway.”

It’s a DIY attitude that seems to seep from their hometown of Liverpool’s pores and one that’s earning the area a fresh rep on its current musicians’ backs – not their forerunners.

The band here take us on a heavy hitting trip through their most intensely felt, personally experienced and physically channeled tunes. From The Verve (Sunstack Jones’ own sound frequently delves into their A Storm in Heaven-era hypnotism), to Goat and The Doors, this one’s a journey. Listen and bookmark for an extra rainy day.

You’re Not The Only One by The Sundays
“Sublime, as is the rest of their too small discography. More melodies in one song than most ne’er do well, managed on a single LP.”

Dreams by Fleetwood Mac
“The drums. Richy was big on these drums whilst we were recording – particularly on Drag Sail – nice and precise!”

Ramona by Night Beds
“Best Ryan Adams song not by Ryan Adams. Ever.”

Let It Bleed by Goat
“Lorc’s choice – he didn’t say anything other than that.”

Earthquake by This Is The Kit
“That groove is unbelievable. Think our favourite tunes are the kind that don’t they played on the radio really so we’re ultimately fucked. We got to support these guys a while back and they were immense, Lorc plays this in his car a lot.”

Already There by The Verve
“Lorc picked Virtual World (Acoustic version from Slide Away single), but I’m putting my foot down on Already There – no one has ever sounded like this and never will. How were they that good? Magic. Drugs and magic. When Lorc and I lived together in Leeds all you would ever hear was Simon Jones’ bass.”

Excuse Me While I Break My Own Heart by Whiskeytown
“For our tune If I Could Only Find A Way we tried to get our friend Dave to sing the second verse as a complete rip of this song. He didn’t do it in the end but the verse I left blank for him in our tune is my favourite bit of singing in our album – so, hey ho.”

Sunlight Bathed The Golden Glow (LP version) by Felt
“Sometimes I think about those HMV posters and what I’d choose as my favourite lyric: sometimes it’s the, ‘Kicking around on the same old ground’ bit from time by Pink Floyd; sometimes it’s the, ‘These stones I throw oh these French kisses’ bit from Stone Roses’ Bye Bye Badman. Today and for good a while it’s been, ‘Stop sitting around and thinking you didn’t do no good I thought your poetry was… Oh, oh sometimes good’ from this one. Got my eye out for Lawrence.”

Love by The Brian Jonestown Massacre
“Lorc chose this – nice an’ druggy.”

Midnight Sun by Speck mountain
“Lorc put this on a tape for me years ago, still never bought the album its from but I did get the last one they did and it’s amazing (but this one does still it for me). SLOOOW.”

Santa Fe by Samantha Crain
“She’s amazing, saw her a couple of months ago and couldn’t get this out of my head. Unpretentious and classy.”

You Can Help Me Out by Sunstack Jones

Unplugged by Nirvana
“Nothing to be said is there?”

Roam by Phoenix
“This band are unbelievable – so much in every song they’re practically perfect. Got engaged at one of their shows and danced to them at my wedding. Best.”

Myth by Beach House
“This came out when we were writing Roam and was the tune to beat in my head at the time. Reminds me of my friend Soph and my lady wife Anna – sitting around drinking wine and going, ‘Woe’ – but in a good way.”

Waiting For The Sun by The Doors
“Richy’s choice. We had a bit of a Doors obsessive period last year, particularly over Morrison Hotel and LA Woman.

Keep Running (live version) by Gemma Hayes
“Always better live than on record. Spoke to her at one of her shows and she said we could support her, we sent her an email and nothing. Heartbreak. Tune though, she’s got some cool chords in her pocket.”

Juicebox by The Strokes
“I’d have gone for Hard To Explain – that’s pretty much a perfect song to me but Richy went for Juicebox ‘cos he loves the high hat thing. The high hat thing is good to be fair.”

Catacombs by Fionn Regan
“This guy is the real deal, love him.”

Sunstack Jones’ latest album Roam is out now on Mammoth Bell. Find more at the band’s website and follow them on SoundCloud, Facebook and Twitter.


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