George Hutton is photographing people with their perfect cup of tea
By Ella Joyce | Art | 19 December 2023
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Hailing from North Yorkshire, George Hutton is fascinated by the environment in which he grew up and all the idiosyncracies that come along with it. So much so that his latest subject is the humble brew, photographing those closest to him with their perfect cups of tea alongside their individual recipe (Jamie Hawksworth is a milk-no-sugar guy, who knew?). Cuppas aside, Hutton’s interests range from the cows outside his window to Quidditch teams, capturing each one in all in their weird and wonderful glory.

Name: George Hutton

Instagram: @george_huttonn

Age: 26

Location: London / Whitby

Camera of choice: Pentax K100 or Mamiya RZ67.

Preferred subject: I like to shoot people and scenery in and around the Whitby area, but I also often photograph sheep and cows (which is unintentional but I quite like the photos I take of them).

Favourite time of the day to shoot: I like to shoot mid to late afternoon which is around the time when if I’m at home in Whitby I would finish work at the butchers and head straight out somewhere to have a wander with my camera.

Most recent photo you took: The most recent photo I took was of my friend at a football match who recently lost half of his middle finger at work.

How you first became interested in photography: My interest first started when I came across Hedi Slimane: Rock Diary while doing research in my foundation year for fashion and textiles.

Biggest influence: Early on I was influenced by the work of Ian Macdonald and Chris Killip as their work was based on where I grew up. Jamie Hawkesworth’s work was also a big reason I stopped using just black and white film and decided to try out colour.

Favourite photography series/book: At the moment, The Shipping Forecast by Mark Power.

Current project/s: I have an Instagram called Portrait of Brew, which is photographing people with their cups of tea. I also have a few other ongoing projects such as Workers of Whitby and photographing a Quidditch team.

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