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Alex Wall takes photos of friends, musicians and mysterious strangers
By Alex James Taylor | Art | 11 January 2024
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Flicking through Alex Wall’s photographs is like accidentally collecting someone else’s roll of camera film and discovering a world much more interesting than your own. Pictures of odd occurrences mix with fun-filled images of friends hanging out, ripping up gigs, dancing around fireworks, and showing off their gymnastic skills (we’re looking at you, Staz Lindes). A former musician – he fronted the excellent Aussie outfit Wax Witches – you’ll spot portraits of fellow talents such as Dev Hynes, The Paranoyds, The Garden, Jarred Mahon, John Dwyer and Sunflower Bean amongst his portfolio. Splitting his time between personal documentary work and fashion editorial, Wall brings a rich sense of colour, energy and vibrancy to his work, capturing quirky everyday moments at the exact moment they turn into funny little oddities – like a businessman basking in the midday sun as if he’s being beamed up to heaven, a couple of cheeky Ronald McDonalds, or a hooded gent admiring a postbox. His most recent photo? A cucumber that caught on fire and almost burnt his apartment down – the takeaway: be ready for anything.


Name: Alex Wall.

Age: 34

Location: Currently Sydney, Australia.

Camera of choice: Mamiya Rz67, Nikon F4, and iPhone.

Preferred subject: Americans, and America! I love it, it’s the strangest place in the world.

Favourite time of the day to shoot: Every time of the day is good if the thing you’re shooting is good.

Most recent photo you took: I just took a photo of a cucumber that caught on fire and no joke, my kitchen just nearly burnt down. I have a feeling I’m going to get evicted from my apartment once they see the damage.

How you first became interested in photography: I started taking photos while on tour with the band I was in, then when I moved to New York, everything around me was really interesting, and that’s when I got obsessed with taking photos of my friends and the things I was seeing. I ended up getting a job at A studio in New York, and that got me interested in the commercial photography world. And now it’s a job, which is a blessing and a curse.

Biggest influence: My friends. Musicians. America. William Eggleston, Ed Templeton, Daniel Arnold.

Favourite photography series/book: I just got the new Ed Templeton Book, Wires Crossed, and it has to be one of the best photography books I’ve ever seen. My friend also gave me this book called We Got Power which has photos from the hardcore and punk scene in southern California in the 1980s – it’s really great.

Current project/s: No projects at the moment as I’m saving up to go move back to the USA. That’s my project right now.

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