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GameStop carnage, Jake Gyllenhaal’s levi’s and Corbin Shaw shreds The Sun
29 September 2023

Still, Dumb Money, Craig Gillespie, 2023

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While Paris is abuzz with fashion week goodness, back in London there’s plenty to do while you chew on your croissant wishing you were at Rick Owens front row (set off some flares for a better immersive experience). 


Buy, sell, buy, sell! 
Based on the true story of the 2021 GameStop craze that threw Wall Street into an absolute frenzy, Dumb Money sees Craig Gillespie at his best: as a director who has garnered a reputation for turning bizarre news stories into gripping comedies, it was only a matter of time before the GameStop saga made it onto the big screen. Paul Dano stars as Keith Gill, your nerdy leader testing the limits of the stock market, where he finds himself going head-to-head with Hedge Funders played by Nick Offerman and Seth Rogen who are the financial ‘victims’ of his gamble. Shailene Woodley stars as Gill’s wife and Pete Davidson as Keith’s brother. Watch back-to-back with Netflix documentary Eat the Rich.

Dumb Money is in cinemas now. 


Sweet shop delights
British artist Alexander James is obsessed with memory. Drawing on letters, family artefacts or fragments of remembered conversations, James uses his craft to fuse the worlds of past and present. For his latest solo exhibition at Marlborough Gallery, the artist honours his great-grandfather Henry Kaminsky with a show titled Tuck Shop For The Wicked, in an homage to the sweets sold at Kaminsky’s ‘Tuck Shop’, an infamous East London institution of his time. Eight works of abstract brushstrokes and saturated hues line the walls, offering a captivating portrait of James’ evolving practice and his ability to capture memories on canvas. 

Tuck Shop For The Wicked runs at Marlborough Gallery until 16th November, more info here. 

Alexander James, Crowned, 2023


A must see
Clint Dyer and Roy Williams have reunited to pen the final, standalone chapter of the award-winning Death of England series. A story charting troubles of racism and friendship between Black and white English working classes, it’s a thought-provoking story that explores family dynamics, race, colonialism and cancel culture in the 21st Century.

Death of England: Close Time runs at the National Theatre until November 16th, more info here.


Blue jeans, baby
Opening this weekend at Queer Britain, Levi’s is presenting a retrospective of archival pieces worn by notable figures from the LGBTQIA+ community. From Freddy Mercury’s pair of classic 501s, Jake Gyllenhaal’s Brokeback Mountain cowboy denim and the 501s worn by California’s first openly gay elected official Harvey Milk in 1970 are just a few of the iconic pieces on display. Honouring Levi’s long history of supporting the LGBTQIA+ community, the exhibition honours the way in which denim has been worn as a symbol of protest, solidarity, and identity.

From the Levi’s® Archives:  Icons in Denim – A Queer Perspective will run at Queer Britain until October 13th, more info here. 

Jacob Hopkin at Pride NYC, Levi’s, 1981


One day feast
To celebrate Taiwan’s Mid-Autumn Festival – an ancient festival, also known as ‘Moon Festival’ celebrated across East Asia for over 3,000 years – London’s favourite Bao bun joint is having a one-day feast. On Sunday, Daddy Bao is drawing on the tradition of feasting with a seven-course menu made to share consisting of dishes such as three cup-grilled chicken wings, duck stuffed lotus root, a Taiwanese hot dog Bao, Sichuan potato salad, crab fried rice and a pumpkin pie Mooncake.

Daddy Bao is located at 113 Mitcham Rd, SW17 9PE, more info here. 


Trashy tabloids
Best known for artwork tackling masculinity, identity and social commentary, Corbin Shaw’s latest exhibition at Jealous Gallery is an exploration of media controversy. Using the recent exploitation of public figures such as Huw Edwards by tabloids like The Sun as a catalyst, The People Fled When The Sun Went Down is a retaliation against the press. Using their own headlines against them in a mission to expose the hypocrisy of the British tabloids, stolen and found copies of The Sun (never bought) have been shredded and recycled by hand to form the base of Shaw’s prints which will hang around a life-size newsagent kiosk displaying copies of The Sun’s most vomit-endusing headlines over the years.

The People Fled When The Sun Went Down will run at Jealous Gallery until October 12th, more info here

10 Worst Celebrity Hairdos by Corbin Shaw, 2023

Food + Drink

We like food
One of North London’s best boozers, Compton Arms is getting a menu makeover. Taking over the kitchen for a long-term residency will be Tiella, run by chef Dara Klein whose credentials include stints at Sager + Wilde, Trullo and Brawn. Compiling a menu of traditional, rustic Italian cuisine will see dishes such as sage and anchovy fritti, Scamorza and chilli crostini and braised hoggett shoulder with polenta stock the menu. The potatoes are also banging, we’ve included a pic below for you to drool over – you’re welcome.

Compton Arms is located at 4 Compton Ave, N1 2XD, more info here


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