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MaXXXine, Skepta’s day festival and haunting human experiments
By Ella Joyce | 5 July 2024

Still, ‘MaXXXine’ by Ti West, 2024

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What’s that? We’ve woken up with a new Government in charge?? They sure don’t look much different to the old ones?? At least the Tories are out and we can cross our fingers for the future. 


He’s behind you! 
Ti West’s X film series is making its way back onto our screens for the third and final instalment in the American auteur’s horror trilogy as MaXXXine hits cinemas this weekend. Having already received rave reviews from critics, Mia Goth stars as Maxine Minx, who will stop at nothing to reach stardom in the dark depths of 1980s Hollywood. A certified soon-to-be slasher classic, as Maxine cements herself in Los Angeles, a mysterious killer begins to stalk the starlets of Hollywood.

MaXXXine is out in cinemas now. 


Trigger Happy
Palace videographer Jack Brooks and The Museum of Youth Culture have come together to produce an exclusive two-day archive Polaroid exhibition, presenting Brooks’ photography alongside archival materials from London’s skateboard communities. Shot entirely on Polaroid, the series finds the beauty in the happy accidents which come from capturing skateboarding on film, Brooks said of the exhibition, “In skateboarding and in life, it’s the unexpected moments that truly stand out. Trigger Happy is about embracing those moments, and I’m excited to share this with everyone.”

Trigger Happy runs at the Museum of Youth Culture until July 6th, more info here


Asking the big Qs
Looking into the present and future of technology, Eternal You is a documentary from Hans Block and Moritz Riesewieck which asks; if you had the chance to talk to a loved one who died, would you take it? A haunting investogation on technology’s ability to resurrect the dead, the documentary looks at people who live on as digital replicants in the pockets of loved ones through the use of AI and Big Data.

Eternal You is out in selected cinemas now. 


Not to be missed
When Simon McBurney’s Mnemonic first premiered at the National Theatre 25 years ago, it quickly became hailed as one of the greatest events British theatre had ever seen. Its unique blend of multimedia, of scenes that meld and blend into each other, of numerous plot lines that all end up connecting, displayed a form of theatre that had never been unleashed on a wide audience before. Now, Mnemonic is back at the National in an updated production that both re-stages and pays homage to its original run. Khalid Abdalla takes over in Simon McBurney’s original role and is joined by a cast of new faces, as well as several of the cast from 25 years ago. This is one of this year’s most unmissable nights at the theatre.

Mnemonic runs at the National Theatre until August 10th, more info here.  

Mnemonic at the National Theatre, a co-production with Complicité, 2024. Credit: Johan Persson.


Big Smoke
London’s festival schedule is getting bigger and better each summer, and now Skepta is getting in on the action. It seems there is nothing the British rapper can’t do, already an MC, producer, designer, director, and DJ, this weekend he’ll be staging his first day festival in Crystal Palace Park featuring the likes of The Streets, Mahalia, JME, and The Den.

Big Smoke will take place at Crystal Palace Park on July 6th, more info here


Good grub
Guts Gallery’s latest exhibition, A Feast For The Eyes explores themes of consumption, excess and the visual nature of food. Everyday objects take on surrealist forms as the mundane morphs into abstract visions created by seven artists working across painting, ceramics and sculpture. Expect to see works from up-and-coming names including Olivia Sterling, Alma Berrow, Zach Toppin and Lily Bunney.

A Feast For The Eyes runs at Guts Gallery until July 30th, more info here

Food + Drink

Fish and chips for tea!
Tollington’s arrives from the founders of The Plimsoll pub in Finsbury Park, a seafood spot which opened its doors on the site of an old chippie last month. Keeping the traditional chip fryers and tiled interiors intact, Tollington’s is a classic fish bar with an Iberian twist. The menu constantly changes and features dishes such as devilled crab, pickled anchovies, pollock pil pil and prawns on the plancha, while Estrella is on tap 24/7.

Tollington’s is located a 172 Tollington Park, N4 3AJ, more info here


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