Josh Nice takes photos of skaters and mates
By Alex James Taylor | Art | 18 October 2023
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HERO Framed is our ongoing series platforming up-and-coming photographers capturing the world around them through a unique lens. 

Josh Nice photographs on the move. Travelling with his friends, including the Perdu skate crew, who he continues to document, the British photographer approaches his photography with authenticity and freedom, spontaneously shooting when the moment hits; capturing skater crews hanging out, bagging tricks and finding new spots across the globe.

Name: Josh Nice

Age: 25

Location: London

Camera of choice: M6

Preferred subject: The bros

Favourite time of the day to shoot: Golden hour

Most recent photo you’ve taken: Photos for my friend’s brand called Always Do What You Should Do

How you first became interested in photography: Skateboarding

Biggest influence: My friends

Favourite photography series/book: Annie Leibovitz The Early Years & Ed Templeton Wires Crossed

Current project/s: Shout me


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