Weekend Com-Boo!

Weekend Com-boo!: Influencers on a hell cruise, weird clay and a proper horror show
28 October 2022
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A door creaks open, and streams of water flood the hallway. A chilling breeze engulfs and screams pierce the sky… Yep, the London living situation is most probably the scariest thing this Halloween, but for this weekend put those worries behind you and embrace your inner devil. 


Influencers in trouble
If you’ve seen Ruben Östlund’s The Square (2017), Force Majeure (2014) or The Lobster (2015), you’ll know how mesmerising and genuinely mind-warping his work is. Now the Swedish filmmaker returns with his latest, Palme d’Or winning work, Triangle of Sadness – and it’s a belter.

As fashion supermodel/influencers Carl (Harris Dickinson) and Yaya (the sadly late Charlbi Dean) board an exclusive luxury cruise surrounded by billionaires and aristocrats, the ship soon takes a wrong turn, encouraged by the alcoholic, Marxist caption (Woody Harrelson at his best). What happens next is a genius spin of power, class and currency as Östlund’s script jabs at the cruelties and anxieties of the fashion world and our social media society.

Triangle of Sadness is out in cinemas now.


Screaming with delight
Sliced and spliced garments from Vivienne Westwood’s SEX store, the Chapman Brothers’ vagina-faced triplets, Leigh Bowery outfits, Pam Hogg’s subversive catsuits, and letters scrawled by The Fall’s manic frontman Mark E. Smith. The Spitting Image head of Maggie Thatcher, Derek Ridger’s photography from London’s underground 80s bars, disembodied vaginas by Bert Gilbert you can poke your head through and gothic howls.

All of this – and more – can be found at Somerset House’s fantastic new exhibition, The Horror Show!, which traces 50 years of demonic British culture through subversive, punk and psycho-dramatic artwork; guided by three horror archetypes: the monster, the ghost, and the witch. It’s scary good.

The Horror Show! runs at Somerset House until 19th February 2023, more info here

Jake & Dinos Chapman , Return of the Repressed³, 1997 2007, 2007. © Jake and Dinos Chapman


Art maze
F*** Rooms could well be the best exhibition name we’ve ever heard. And while it may actually mean Five Rooms, the organisers know full well what they’re doing.

Across five (fuck) rooms, the work of Johanna Melvin and Simon Monk, photographers Dean Chalkley and Graham Cann, visual artist Ciaran O’Shea, 3D artist Jennie Sharman-Cox and actor, and filmmaker Charles Sharman-Cox co-exist within a space of mixed-media fun.

Chalkley and O’Shea’s room sees them translate The Beatles’ seminal LP Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band into a series of works, Sharman-Cox uses the confines of a box to create 3D stories of containment and restriction, and Sharman-Cox and Cann interpret TS Eliot’s Ash Wednesday. Melvin explores architectural urban details, while Monk’s room is filled with the artist’s hyper-realistic paintings of superhero and popular culture figurines bagged and hung on doors.

F*** Rooms runs at 15 Bateman Street until 29th October.


He never stops
The ever-prolific Ty Segall once again returns via a new transformation: joining forces with his wife Denée on their new project The C.I.A. Introducing us to this new sonic persona, the duo have released their debut track, The Impersonator – the lead single from their upcoming LP Surgery Channel (out 23/01/23 via In The Red Records). Here, Segall’s piercing distortion and thudding drums remain, forming a dramatic backdrop for Denée’s sinister vocals to run free. Rhythmic, wild and incessantly catchy – Ty has done it again.


Mould it, shape it, prod it
Over at the Hayward Gallery, it’s all about clay. Presenting the first large-scale group exhibition exclusively exploring the material’s potential, the exhibition – Strange Clay – elevates clay above the rather earnest image of someone sitting around a potter’s wheel on some mind-numbing Channel 4 show, and into something incredibly weird, wild and wonderful.

Gloopy blue bulges drip from a fleshy mound in Takuro Kuwata’s Untitled work, large-scale hybrid animal figures populate a forest setting in Klara Kristalova’s Camouflage, Woody De Othello offers glazed feet climbing green stairs, and Lindsey Mendick’s Til Death Do Us Part creates a house infested with pests, including an octopus living in the toilet.

Strange Clay runs at the Hayward Gallery until 9th January 2023, more info here


Wes Anderson, but not
One of the best Insta accounts in the game, Accidentally Wes Anderson is arriving IRL at One Hundred Shoreditch this week. Solely sharing pictures of buildings and landscapes from around the world that look like they could be Wes Anderson film sets, the account has amassed a cult following of 1.6 million followers.

In celebration of the launch of the new Accidentally Wes Anderson Postcards, curated by the man behind the phenomenon, Wally Koval, the East London hotel has put together an exclusive exhibition in their Workshop Space. Transformed into an immersive adventure, the space features 3D model recreations of some of the postcard scenes, from Tokyo to Ohio – ideal for planning your next holiday location.

Accidentally Wes Anderson will run at One Hundred Shoreditch until 13th November, more info here

Accidentally Wes Anderson

Food + Drink

But waiter, it has legs!!!
In our humble opinion, Peckham eatery Mr Bao offers up the best bao buns in the city. A firm favourite for its chilled-out atmosphere and perfected Taiwanese cuisine, they’ve been crafting the fluffiest buns since 2016. Usually filled with the likes of shiitake mushroom, beef brisket or pork belly, in the spirit of Halloween they’ve created a crab special.

Inspired by a famous dish from Singapore, a whole crispy fried soft-shell crab is dressed in chilli sauce, served in a bao and topped with crispy Thai basil leaves. Certainly not for the faint-hearted. Bao buns aside, order an array of sticky BBQ corn ribs, chicken dumplings, and smacked cucumber, then cleanse the palette with a tangy lychee daiquiri. It’s the season to sin so head south of the river and indulge.

Mr Bao is located at 293 Rye Lane, Peckham, SE15 4UA. More info here


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