Hannah Montana

flowerovlove’s new video sees the London musician switch from student to megastar
Music | 9 June 2022

At just 16 years old, South London songstress flowerovlove – aka Joyce Cisse – has already found her voice; spinning tales of self-love and growth to hazy, lo-fi soundscapes populated by soulful nature and a youthful optimism society desperately needs right now. Following her 2021 acclaimed debut EP, Think Flower, the musician now returns with a new track, Hannah Montana, which tells of her split life: student by day, musical super-alter-ego flowerovlove by night. Here, Cisse talks us through the accompanying music video and unpicks those feelings of self-love that underscore her sound – hit play above.

Hannah Montana is about being a regular student on weekdays and flowerovlove on weekends,” Cisse tells us. “It’s quite a lot to manage especially in exam season but somehow I manage it. Recently I’ve been busy with seeing a lot of my friends, taking myself out on dates and making music. To me self-love is being able to go eat at a restaurant alone and not feel awkward or embarrassed and being able to look in the mirror and want to have your own babies. This year I’m most excited about people hearing flowerovlove for the first time, and getting closer to world domination. My favourite places to experience nature are Hampstead Heath and I do enjoy strolls in Notting Hill.”

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