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90s ravers, a Damien Hirst cow head and Camden Market’s first-ever boozer

Photograph by Tony Davis, courtesy of Museum of Youth Culture

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FRIDAY 16th April – SUNDAY 18th April 2021


It’s called culture, you wouldn’t understand
Opening at Carnaby St comes a rare pop-up event from London’s Museum of Youth Culture. The museum is yet to find a permanent location over recent years and has been raising funds to open its first physical space in 2023. Until that time, the organisation has busied itself by hosting events to share findings from its extensive archive of youth culture paraphernalia. Early last year, they teamed up with Fred Perry on an open call to UK teenagers to share their awkward teenage photographs.

For their new pop-up installation, the museum have set up an extensive reading section of counterculture literature as well as three mini exhibits. The first is packed full of posters, zines and magazine clippings that stretch back five decades, the second pays homage to the trust bin badge through the ages while the last is plastered floor to ceiling with vintage music flyers.

You can find the Museum of Youth Culture pop-up at 3 Carnaby Street from Apr 16.  

Photography by Alex Appleby, courtesy of Museum of Youth Culture


Revenge is thrilling
HEROINE 13 cover star Carey Mulligan has had a pretty decent year, picking up a Critics Best Actress award and an Academy-Award nomination for her starring role in Emerald Fennell’s new film Promising Young Woman. A dark and ingenious take on gender politics, Mulligan plays a smart sociopath who spends her evenings in bars and clubs pretending to be paralytic in order to entice predatory men, before ‘sobering up’ and giving these sleazebags the retribution they deserve.

Promising Young Woman is out now exclusively on Sky Movies.

While you’re at it, you should – read: definitely – probably revisit our HEROINE 13 interview between Mulligan and Frances McDormand. 




A bleeding cow head you say? That’ll go perfectly with the curtains
Earlier this year, Gagosian’s Britannia Street location handed over its keys to Damien Hirst for an entire year of shows from the YBA figure – a brave move knowing Hirst’s propensity for trouble. Kicking off his year-long tenure, the London artist presents Fact Paintings and Fact Sculptures, showcasing rarely seen works created between 1993 and 2021. Formed around the ambiguity of ‘truth’ there are oil paintings that mimick colour photographs, a pseudo-jewellery shop selling bling made out of paste, a Coke vending machine and a disembodied cow’s head bleeding on the floor. So you know, a little bit for everyone some might say.

Damien Hirst’s Fact Paintings and Fact Sculptures is open now at Gagosian Britannia Street – bookings needed.

Food + Drink

Why should Roasts only be served on Sundays?
Pubs are finally back open and we all deserve a celebratory drink for making it this long without them tbh. But through the mist and into the light, Camden’s newest establishment The Farrier is quite possibly London’s first post-pandemic pub openings (or at least the first we’ve heard about) – it’s also Camden Market’s first-ever pub.

Situated in a restored Grade II listed former horse hospital and stables building, the new owners have kept those original heritage features but updated them with some modern twists, including a pretty nifty fully-restored vintage Celestion Hi-Fi system. Hungry? You will be: we’re talking contemporary rustic dining overseen by chef Ash Finch. Taking advantage of local meats, natural wines and seasonal veg, this is pub grub you can really settle into. And here’s the clincher, head on Sunday for the Roast, and then return Monday lunchtime for seconds via The Farrier’s signature Roastie Toastie sandwich made up of all the lovely leftover bits – now you’re talking.

As the sun blares down in London town, The Farrier’s outdoor seating is a little bit of tranquillity in the dark heart of Camden – and it’s ideal for a spontaneous knees-up; half of the tables will be available with no reservation.

The Farrier is located in Camden Stables Market, 87/88 North Yard, Chalk Farm, NW1 8AH.

Top image: Photograph by Tony Davis, courtesy of Museum of Youth Culture

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