Born to Protect

Moncler have released the first collection under their new sustainability plan
Fashion | 14 January 2021
Text Finn Blythe
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Following the announcement of their Born to Protect sustainability commitment last year, Moncler have released the first physical collection to meet its new eco-friendly criteria.


It seems fitting that Moncler’s vision of the future should take a familiar form from the past: a downed jacket, symbolic of its Alpine heritage. Available for men, women and children, the jackets fulfill three of the five sustainability pillars laid out in the Moncler Born to Protect plan drawn up in October 2020. This means that every material in the jacket (except the down) is sustainable, all fabrics and accessories (including zips) are made from a regenerated nylon derived from waste materials and the down is 100% DIST certified (Down Integrity System and Traceability), which ensures a transparent supply chain and high farming standards.

Available in black only (because “sustainability is for everyone, all the time, so the jackets are created in a colour that can work in every occasion”), the men’s jacket’s range from the voluminous full-body Nicaise, the Gaite and the Dabos, which comes with detachable hood and sleeves. For women, the Gatope offers more of an all-purpose look with jacket cut at the hips, which the Lemenez offers a slimline alternative. The sustainable approach doesn’t just end with the clothes either, with all shipping materials including paper and boxes responsibly sourced or recycled. Now that’s what we call the full package!

Shop Moncler Born to Protect online now. 


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