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Louis Vuitton’s new Felt Line is an insight into their future sustainability plans
By Finn Blythe | Fashion | 22 June 2021
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Louis Vuitton have just welcomed triplets: three new bags that embody their signature raison d’etre of travel, combined with a fresh commitment to sustainability. Together they form the Felt Line, first unveiled during Vuitton’s FW21 show last year and a staple of Virgil Abloh’s vision at the house ever since, now redesigned in environmentally friendlier forms.


A Keepall, a Keepall XS and a Soft Trunk, these core menswear pieces reflect a new standard of sustainability at Vuitton. With their emphasis on circular production methods, the bags use a variety of eco-responsible materials that belong to a wider House plan aiming for 100 percent of its products to be made through eco-conception by 2025. The main material for these bags therefore, is an innovative new textile made from 43 percent certified organic cotton and 20 percent recycled wool, inspired by the composite, multi-colour appearance of moving blankets. This hybrid blend yields a unique finish that differs with every bag, at times exposing the monogram pattern beneath and at other times concealing it under a tuft of lurex thread.

Elsewhere the bag’s lining comes from the House’s stocks of 100 percent recycled polyester which have been upcycled for the Felt Line to reduce the use of new materials. This cyclical approach is also present in the chain and corners of each bag, which have been produced using 70 percent recycled plastic, finished with a multi-colour effect that reflects the flecked appearance of the jacquard. For the leather, a material at the heart of Vuitton’s identity, the House worked with the Leather Working group, a non-profit organisation that certify the world’s leading environmentally responsible leather for the bag’s straps and handles. Taken as a whole, the new line is an exciting high-water mark in environmentally responsible design that will hopefully come to define future of luxury fashion.

Shop the new Felt Line from 16th July. 

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