Joy ride

Raf Simons and Miuccia Prada capture the joy of returning to the beach for Prada SS22
Fashion | 20 June 2021

Roll up your shorts and then roll them up some more, Raf and Miuccia’s Prada man is re-emerging in more ways than one this season. Presented through a six minute film shot between Fondazione Prada’s Deposito in Milan and the flawless turquoise coastline of Sardinia, the images presented a very literal reflection on the light at the end of the tunnel. The light that we are only now daring to embrace.

But before the light comes the tunnel, lots of it in the case of this film. Swathed in red, models navigated its softly undulating bends at a saunter, each lidded with Prada’s now-signature bucket hat that was subtly reworked with a tapered neck-flap and miniscule pouches. Just as prolific were the shorts, which arrived in a variety of forms, from rolled-up baby romper to tiny tailored numbers and, perhaps most memorably, hybridised skorts that will surely be a major point of reflection for years to come. Where torsos were left unexposed they were covered by sharply cut jackets with rolled-up sleeves, florral shorn terry hoodies and soft knitted pieces that promised to unfurl at the pull of a yarn.

And then, light. Blinding white light that flashed off the water’s surface and danced on model’s faces as they stepped onto pristine white sand. They had arrived, and the countless twists and turns of their journey faded into memory as they dipped their feet in the water and washed away any remaining fear or doubt. “The primary feeling is one of joy,” summed up Simons. “It’s almost like that memory of a child, the joy of a child going to the beach. The simplest and most honest of pleasures. In all its simpleness, it’s also something very meaningful and timeless.”

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