• Text Lewis Firth
  • Photography Takanori Okuwaki
  • 24th June 2015

Surf's up

Every season is like an additional, thematic chapter to Dan and Dean Caten’s portfolio of out-there tropes. Always with a provocative edge, always playful. This season, we went surfing USA.

The twins focused on beach-boys, surfers and nomad travellers to create a mash-up of cool connotations stemming from their own love of board riding culture (they themselves are keen surfers and when they break from the studio there’s usually waves in sight). Tattoos became recurring motifs throughout, only slightly on bonded leather knee-length shorts, predominantly on tulle long-sleeved tees and the odd bodysuit.

They encapsulated the surfer-vibe with neoprene leggings and half-zipped bodices – a play on the wetsuit. Then there were a few tie-dye patterns (in white and blue; and usually on denim; the boys’ signature fabric) that were planted on a few rugged jeans and jackets, and a feminine injection of Hawaiian florals splashed here and there, fitting for the boys’ camped-up style.

What gave an extra punch was their expert execution of layering. Large, oversized anoraks, the odd poncho, and a few studded leather jackets were toppled onto backward-facing mesh-vests, on top of tees, with bundles of beads draping from the neck down. The standard DSquared2 beefcakes became tanned, beach roaming boys up for nothing but sun and surf.