Shirt-lifting sportstars and beermat boob tubes rule supreme at Adam Jones SS22
By Bailey Slater | Fashion | 1 December 2021

No one can rustle up boozewear quite like Adam Jones.

For SS22, the Welsh designer kicks his devotion to pub paraphernalia and all the eccentric characters that make Britain truly ‘great’ into foil-curtained overdrive. He’s turned delicate lace curtains into slinky cagoules, union jacks into old-timey hooded ponchos and beermats into boob-tubes, freshly washed of course. You could look at it as the uniform of a theme park lost property box, a collection of the less-than-glamorous British style staples elevated by Jones’ playful eye and cheeky caress.

Take his mix of cheetah print mini skirts and stripey patent leather jackets for example, or the towelling printed midis and revived satin shorts in saccharine-sweet lime yellow. They all hark back to previous collections in one way or another, playing out as a career-long ode to the eccentric boozers and beerhalls where he and his inspirations feel most at home. 

But simply replicating all he saw on a lager-fuelled Wednesday night would be too easy. So, Jones’ jumper sleeves and work shirts are slashed and scrunched at the wrist to create rugby-striped armbands, and those aforementioned lace curtains extend into fetching trousers offering glimpses of underwear. Luminescent string vests follow on from odes to wildly famous East End haunts, and his signature array of knitted vests and PE kit staples return for more. 

“The kitsch and the kinky”, Jones’ blend of shirt-lifting sports stars celebrating a worldie, YBA references and Wallace and Gromit motifs make us yearn for a truly Great Britain, or at least one that’s warm enough to wear his cropped sweatshirts…

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