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Live from Austin Psych Fest: Georgia Mitropoulos’ festival diary
Music | 10 May 2023
Photographer Georgia Mitropoulos

“Yves Tumor”

At the end of April, at The Far Out Lounge, this year’s Austin Psych Festival shook the banks of the Colorado River for its fifteenth anniversary year. Featuring performances by the likes of Yves Tumor, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Night Beats, Los Bitchos and Acid Dad, thousands clocked in and tripped out to live sets and liquid visuals (courtesy of Mad Alchemy Light Show) amongst the venue’s vibrating canopy of trees.

US photographer and frequent HERO collaborator Georgia Mitropoulos was there throughout, capturing stray moments in the warm heat. “Austin psych fest was a sonic vibration,” she tells us. “You’re there with strangers all hearing the same thing, but all feeling something different. Then it’s a memory and you’re only left with the dirt in your boots as evidence it was not a dream.” See Georgia’s photo diary below.


“He had a cool hair cut and I love how they stack beers like this in Texas… it’s a thing there.”

“RVRB / Levitation pop up installation”

“Robert Levon Bean from Black Rebel Motorcycle Club”

“Just felt it was a vibe. Her name is Zoe”

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