yunè pinku makes euphoric music that turns the dancefloor into a comfort blanket
By Ella Joyce | Music | 11 March 2023
Photographer Roni Ahn
Stylist Keeley Dawson.

all clothing by A|X ARMANI EXCHANGE

Inside the upcoming HEROINE 18, we spotlight four emerging electronic producers creating soundscapes for escapism. Here’s an exclusive advance preview – next in the series is yunè pinku.

Describing her creative process as “making garage-esque pop music while trying to summon a spirit on a mountain,” yunè pinku makes electronica for wallflowers. Blending sounds of ambient trance with honeyed vocals underscored by a hypnotic techno beat, the South East London nonconformist newcomer delved into the vast expanse of the genre during lockdown. First introduced to electronic music through the radio and her mum’s interest in trance, it wasn’t until she was stuck in her bedroom that she “realised how many forms of electronic exist, and all the different ways you can listen and relate to it.”

Releasing her debut EP Bluff as a result of the pandemic-hobby-turned-full-time-gig saw her connect with a fanbase of music lovers itching to get back on the dance floor. With pace and feeling, emotionally-charged lyrics work in conjunction with expansive productions to transport revellers past the paranoia sometimes attached to clubbing. Pinku’s sound offers a comforting one-way ticket straight to the heart of the beat, so when the floor starts to shake and you feel it reverberate, you’re thinking of nothing but a good time.

all clothing by A|X ARMANI EXCHANGE

Stay tuned for more from our HEROINE 18 series.

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