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Masked murder, NYC’s indie scene and an exhibition all about skin
10 March 2023

Still, ‘Scream VI’, by Tyler Gillett and Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, 2023

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With fashion month done and dusted, that means more time to get out there and see what’s happening. What is happening you ask? Scroll down and see for yourself.


Scream if you want more
“What’s your favourite scary movie?” To some, this is simply a question, but
to those brought up on Wes Craven’s cult Scream franchise, it’s an instruction
to get the hell outta there! Two decades after the original Scream shook the
quiet town of Woodsboro with a series of brutal murders, this year a new killer
donned the Ghostface mask to slash their way through 2022’s generation of
unassuming teenagers. With Mellisa Barrera, Jasmin Savoy Brown, Jenna Ortega, Hayden Panettiere and Courteney Cox all reprising their roles, this is one to watch late at night.

Scream is out in cinemas now. 


Very cool
A new group exhibition at Peckham’s Hannah Barry Gallery brings together the work of Stevie Dix, Danny Fox and Norman Hyams – each contributing to a story of intimacy and mythology. Titled Spring Without End, the show presents works created during the winter months in each artist’s respective homes of London, St. Ives and Genk. As London goes into chill mode (snow in March?!), this is an ideal way to warm the cockles.

Spring Without End runs at Hannah Barry Gallery until April 15th, more info here

Spring Without End / Hannah Barry Gallery


Last niteeeee, she saiddddddd
Lizzy Goodman’s 2017 book Meet Me In The Bathroom transported us to the underground dive bars of early 00s New York, where bands like The Strokes, Interpol, TV on the Radio and The Moldy Peaches were fronting a burgeoning indie scene built on raw energy and scuzzy riffs. (Read our Celine FW23 report, which includes excerpts from a conversation between Goodman and Hedi Slimane.)

Now, Goodman’s biographical work has been translated into a cinematic documentary that allows the story to be enjoyed as it should – loud and large. This Friday, head to Dalston’s Rio cinema for a very special screening followed by a Q+A with directorial duo Will Lovelace and Dylan Southern.

More info here


Flesh things out
Studio West is bringing together eleven emerging figurative painters to examine the body within contemporary art. Placing human physicality at the fore of how we interact with the external world, Skin Deep offers a showcase of work rendering skin as the main protagonist of each tale being told as it outwardly maps inner trauma. For each exhibiting artist, the body – whether rendered in its entirety or alluded to through suggestion – becomes a vehicle of expression. Comprising works from the likes of Alice Miller, Nina Baxter, Preslav Kostov and Iga Bielawska, the group exhibition is a meditation on healing, physicality and the dichotomy of internal versus external.

Skin Deep runs at Studio West until April 5th, more info here.

Ada Bond, ‘Peeping Tom’, 2021 © Courtesy of the Artist and STUDIO WEST


Where for out thou, Romeo? I’m here, in Wales
Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet has been retold so many times we’ve lost track but Gary Owen’s latest National Theatre adaptation is actually different. Starring It’s a Sin‘s Callum Scott Howells and RSC regular Rosie Sheehy, Romeo and Julie tells the story of two star-crossed Welsh teenagers. Romeo is a young single dad and Julie is fighting to get into Cambridge. Raised minutes apart but in entirely different worlds, the narrative follows the pair as they navigate the constraints of class in a down-to-earth reinvention of a Shakespearean tragedy.

Romeo and Julie runs at the National Theatre until April 1st, more info here

Food + Drink

For limited time only
As if Shoreditch hot spot Oranj wasn’t good enough already, the natural wine bar has partnered with NYC’s Ha’s Đặc Biệt to take up residency in the kitchen for the entirety of March. After beginning life as a food cart on Manhattan’s streets, the Vietnamese residency-based concept has been hosting pop-ups globally to bring its cuisine to an international audience. The menu changes depending on location but if previous endeavours are anything to go by you can expect an array of tofu stews, chicken wings glazed in spicy fish sauce, bánh mì and bergamot-marmalade cake. Oranj will be on hand to supply their usual eclectic list of wines, focusing on those made with a low-intervention ethos to bring together a curated selection of vino. 

Oranj is located at 4 Bacon St, E1 6LF, more info here.


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