He’s Coming Home

Corbin Shaw and Women’s Aid are shedding light on the darker side of football
By Ella Joyce | Art | 30 November 2022

When pints are being drunk at 3pm on a Wednesday and every second person is donning an English shirt it can only mean one thing – the World Cup is in full swing. Despite the worldwide controversy surrounding FIFA’s decision to host in Qatar this year, revellers are still hoping the lads bring it home. However, outside of the pubs and fan parks, it has been well documented that domestic violence drastically increases when football is televised and with the current World Cup taking place during the winter months, more people are staying at home to watch the games, meaning a spike in domestic violence cases rising to 38 per cent.

In response to these alarming figures, Women’s Aid and production company House 337 have collaborated with British artist Corbin Shaw in a reimagining of the St George’s flag emblazoned with three phrases: “He’s coming home,” “She loses every time” and “No more years of hurt.” Accompanied by a chilling minute-long campaign video panning an ordinary English suburban street, the advert aired for the first time after England’s second group game against the USA coinciding with the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.

Known for his tongue-in-cheek slogan flags and pennants, Shaw’s artistic style acts as a perfect billboard for social commentary. An avid Sheffield United supporter, the Yorkshire-born artist has had football in his life since his youth when he used to go to the match with his dad. Coming together with Women’s Aid to shed light on the darker side of the sport, Shaw tells us, “Football can be so powerful, it has the ability to unite and I hope it can be a vehicle for change. I’m so happy to have been able to work with Women’s Aid and so thankful it’s had the impact that it has. I hope this campaign has helped to educate and inform people about domestic violence.”

He continues, “I was conflicted about making anything for this World Cup considering how corrupt and immoral it is, but this campaign came along and was a no-brainer. It felt so important to me.” Currently hanging in locations across London, when the campaign comes to an end all three flags will be auctioned with proceeds going to Women’s Aid to support victims of domestic violence.

Find out more about Women’s Aid here and check out Corbin on Instagram


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