Different Bodies

Joshua Press’ debut exhibition is a personal record of those closest to him
By Ella Joyce | Art | 1 October 2021

Joshua Press ‘Marie’ / work from Different Bodies

London-born artist Joshua Press is set to present his debut solo exhibition Different Bodies in Fitzrovia next week, showcasing his distinctive figurative aesthetic: focusing on the depiction of light and expressive brushstrokes to convey multitudes of personality and emotion in his sitter.  

Having studied over the course of seven years in France, Italy, and Jerusalem to fine-tune his craft, Press followed this learning with long-term gallery residences in the likes of Cob Studio in Camden. It was at Cob Studio that he completed a large scale group of paintings titled the Camden Town Poster Studies, having sitters in on a frequent basis, painting at speed and with a focus on atmosphere rather than intricacies of features.

Joshua press ‘Clementine Interior’ / work from Different Bodies

This debut exhibition, Different Bodies, boasts a series of individual and group portraits completed over the past three years in his home studio, having relocated back to his North London roots to live and work. A certain intimacy runs throughout Press’ portraits, all his subjects are close friends and family who have been observed over a period of months at a time – each work is created from these observations alone. Each portrait possesses a unique affinity to the sitter and a sense of familiarity that radiates when in a domestic setting. The intense study of his subject matter is evident, the unsaturated hues of the pieces in conjunction with the intricacies of his manipulation of light and surroundings make for a cohesive, personal collection that leaves a lasting impact. 

A striking highlight from the exhibition is Press’ Self Portrait (même milieu), which sees the artist take inspiration from Pompeian frescoes; expressive brushstrokes and a complex yet harmonious colour palette are at the fore as the artist places himself as his most observed subject.

Joshua Press ‘Self Portrait (même milieu)’ / work from Different Bodies

Different Bodies will be held at 139 Whitfield Street from October 5th – 10th.
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