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Craig Green digs through Champion’s collegiate archives for a new capsule collection
Fashion | 7 September 2020

“Champion has such an incredible history and archive of collegiate uniforms,” says Craig Green of his latest collaboration with the American sports apparel-turned-streetwear giant. “For me, the collegiate graphics relate to being part of a team and belonging to something, and I like how these pieces were originally created for this function.”


Green is certainly no stranger to uniform, or for that matter, subverting the practical function of garments into something stupendously abstract (see his latest contribution for Moncler Genius). For this latest capsule collection, Green breaks down Champion’s glittering legacy into two parts.

The first uses the brand’s archive of collegiate graphics, each taken from uniforms supplied to American colleges in the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s, stitched together with numerical patches that reference a specific decade. These graphics appear on sweatshirts, jerseys and zip-necks that have been strung up on signature Green sculptures: part raft, part totem, strapped together with items one might find in school gymnasium: skipping ropes, swiss balls and foam noodles.

For the second part, Green isolates the technical innovation that has characterised Champion’s decade-long reputation as a leading sportswear provider. In a parallel series of sweatshirts, hoodies and jerseys, the ribbed gussets that Champion use to give facilitate motion and comfort for the wearer are removed and enlarged. In the accompanying images shot by Amy Gwatkin, these gussets become the raw materials with which these mechanical structures are built.

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