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HERO Sessions: The Garden – Crystal Clear
By Dean Mayo Davies | Music | 30 December 2013
This article is part of HERO Sessions – Live from a garage near you

How do you even begin to get The Garden’s energy across in a feature? Throw the pen, paper and dictaphone out the window and let the music do the talking. That’s why we’ve created a new format for Wyatt and Fletcher, the Shears twins: HERO Sessions. Slam a bottle of champagne into your nearest ship and crowdsurf the shred.

With a handful of longplayers under their belt (figuratively – these songs are as fast and urgent as you like), their most recent LP The Life and Times of a Paperclip came out through Burger Records this year, followed by the 6-track Rules 7″ on Japan’s Big Love. The band are intuitive (read: prolific) in the way the most exciting artists always have been; Wyatt (vox, bass) also recording solo under the moniker Enjoy, with Fletcher (drums) as Puzzle; both finding time to cameo for Hedi Slimane at Saint Laurent too. Throughout high school, Wyatt and Fletcher played as MHV with HERO 10‘s Rexx.

The new year begins with a bang, as The Garden get set for a February European tour, their first shows outside of California. Book now or regret later.

Whilst you’re at it, realign what the words ‘drum n bass’ mean; the twins’ sound is bigger and far more panoramic than that bracket. Check The Garden’s latest track Steak for a West Coast viewpoint, all lowrider dangerous dB and strobing, filtered through garage and the history of DIY.

Watch The Garden’s other session tracks What We Are and We Be Grindin’

Visit The Garden’s Bandcamp and follow them on FacebookTwitter and Soundcloud

Directors Jessica Haye and Clark Hsiao
Director of Photography Brian Weidling
Cameras Brian Weidling, Jessica Haye and Clark Hsiao
Editor Marissa Rosado


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