Junk Car River Bank

Soulland FW16
Fashion | 10 January 2016

Outside the safety zone, Silas Adler and Jacob Kampp Berliner once again showed contemporary references in light of a thought-provoking lineage. Their FW16 collection, titled Junk Car River Bank, utilised the circle of life and the evolution of Mother Nature as a wearable aesthetic.

The brand’s Scandinavian roots underlined the presentation at Bloomsbury Square, with the ethereal music of Copenhagen DJ Djuna Barnes filling the space, but what would it be without a bit of that classic London rain seeping through – quite fitting, in fact, for a conceptual view of Adler’s influences for this season. In a similar vein to the juxtaposition of their SS16 collection, Soulland’s clever observation and play on past and modern cultures is fascinating and adds another element to their clothing. Each look came styled with Timberland shoes, a sturdy platform, for sure. Cropped bomber jackets paired with slim-fit trousers (almost tapered at the ankles) in cotton and wool were either texturally defined by frayed edges or deliberate tears.

A standout was the brushed plaid jacket and matching long-length coat, with rough paint-like strokes in navy and red, worn with a long emerald green woven knit and beige trousers. The installation and clothes reflected an idea that was more of a treasure trove than a scrap heap, and like stopping to smell a rose, subtlety is everything. Decomposition is a part of life, one that sees beauty found in surprising things.

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