Sibling SS16
14 June 2015

Undeniably tame: tailored silhouettes were the first to emerge from Sibling’s backstage-lair for the SS16 showing. Suits? Suits?! People looked confused. Cute, clean, preppy boys seemed too safe for the trio; however, it did fit with their source of inspiration (investigating male subcultures) – and it didn’t last for long.

While there are many tribes of man that roam the earth, the jock seems to be the one most sought after: associations with sex, muscular figures and popularity. Put a Sibling-swing on this notion and you get a sexed-up, homoerotic parody.

American-football tops sparkled, all blazoning the letter ‘S’, while jock-straps and laced-up, skin-tight pants peeked through trousers, like they’ve just finished a fumble around the back.

Laces detailed every piece and were vertically and horizontally placed on tops and trousers: sometimes used as fastenings; but more so to inject some sex. As the show continued, more and more skin was revealed: a laced-up corset, shoulders visible; hot pants – and a model with his backside on show. Tricky: although they had lured us in at the beginning, feeling slightly baffled, the trio had the crowd supporting Team Sibling by the end.

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