Very perry

Perry Ellis SS16
18 July 2015

Tips and tweaks with a meticulous hand aptly describes Perry Ellis’ approach to this collection. Two tribes – casual, with suiting thrown in – that are supposedly diametrically opposite were merged together, rendering a cool and energised concept.

Satin-sheened suits – in deep crimson-reds, dark golds and sea blues  – pristine whites and creams covering bombers, and contrastingly coloured leggings were worn under shorts. The latter is particularly noteworthy: over the years, men’s wardrobes’ jurisdiction has progressively embraced more and more items that are associated with women. Ellis has taken this silhouette and shown its more-than-appropriate belonging within established masculinity.

Jumping back to established manliness, however, tailoring continued to be a point of focus for Ellis, with one specific suit covered in a monochromatic, abstract graphic of what looked like striae. An interesting take, one that created depth, and an addition to an ensemble that conclusively worked seamlessly well.

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