• Text Jake Hall
  • 23rd February 2020

horror story

“No one hears my monsters but me.” These words swirled across the creepy, digital invitation to MSGM FW20, which marked creative director Massimo Giorgetti’s second collaboration with cult horror director Dario Argento.

The inspiration was a “coven of young women with powers that go beyond our understanding,” and this manifested in a collection which offset trademark vamp with pops of technicolour. Shaggy boas and shiny, wipe-clean gloves came alongside Victorian lace dresses – the kind worn by those eerie dolls that likely haunted you as a kid – and silk shirts printed with horror stills.

Argento’s signature colour saturation informed the offering, which veered between shocking fuchsia and iridescent, jewel-toned metallics. Then, there were the overcoats – classic in camel and statement in sapphire – which came with matching capes, worn alongside metallic, knee-high boots. If you’ve ever dreamt of becoming the heroine who steps out looking amazing after murdering her husband, this is the collection for you.