• Text Lewis Firth
  • 13th January 2015

Snow Leopards

Fashion can sometimes forget to have fun. Moschino reminds us that it doesn’t have to be dull, boring and monotonous. Sometimes, invites are like Golden Tickets. Because both the collection and the show are damn right enjoyable.

Prominent industry veterans and celebrities attend in full force, with all the hottest models wearing the looks-to-have. Jeremy Scott mastered commercially viable design a long time ago. But being head of Moschino simply amplifies this. While keeping creative integrity, of course.

Furs featured throughout: draped across shoulders and arms, covering boots, hats – a full-length coat in one outfit – and several looks in zebra and leopard prints. Some were cut into asymmetrical shapes, and sewn adjacently with contrasting colours and textures.

And this parade of eclecticism didn’t stop there. Blue, green, yellow and conventional-red tartan patterns were used. Before that, polychromatic floral motifs were plastered across metallic dinner jackets and translucent-plastic coats and boiler suits.

The collection’s designs and ideas were unconventional, fun and uplifting. As always. The silhouettes, details and fabric choices were very feminine. But this is the 21st century. The outcomes of this Moschino-Scott partnership could not be more relevant.