Apocalypse now

Matthew Miller SS19
Fashion | 10 June 2018

“Resources are finite and finally technology is catching up in the fashion world. The future is now.” Matthew Miller told us previewing his SS19 collection. Preparing for apocolpyse now, Miller turned his attention to sustainability, partnering with Californian sneaker brand K-Swiss to create recycled sportswear pieces from their deadstock. Although it was spelled out via an oversized t-shirt bearing the K-Swiss logo (the dot replaced by the universal recycling symbol) you wouldn’t have otherwise known: the fabrics were reconfigured to feel palpably luxurious.

Another collaboration was with Peli, a British manufacturer of hard-wearing travel cases popular with both film crews transporting fragile equipment and gun owners. The collection’s title, Paradise Lost, suggested a dystopian vision of a failed civilisation, and these were utilitarian bags to survive any impending apocalypse.

Where Miller’s directional tailoring is usually executed in deep shades of black, here synthetic silver textiles and liberal splashes of acid green and sunflower yellow struck an upbeat note. A confident, subversive collection in the vein of Miller’s unlikely creative touchstone John Milton: presented in the dark bowels of a Chinatown car park, these were clothes for ruling in hell, not serving in heaven.

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