Abstract optimism

E. Tautz SS16
16 June 2015
Monday morning and its the final day of LCM. The rest of London has reset for a new week and contemplation of the what the fashion community has witnessed begins. Before that can fully take hold however, there are a few gleaming examples of British spark to play us out. Patrick Grant’s SS16 collection for E. Tautz is one such beacon.  Named after ‘The Skylon’, the slither of future that floated over the South Bank for The Festival of Britain, it transported us back to a post-war sense of possibility and the days of 1950s British optimism. The collection took direct inspiration from clothing for that age, manufactured fabrications, chemically died mixes, and mechanical fastenings – exuding the age of modernism.
Mondrian-esque prints and Kandinsky graphics featured throughout the series of subtle and leisurely looks. Drawing assumably intensional comparisons between the austerity of war and our current economic climate, Grant’s Louboutin adorned men trod down the drudgery of a long winter. Through simple flashes of red, yellow and green Grant presented us with a contemporary collection of classic masculine dressing with the light fresh-faced-ness of the E. Tautz men of the future.

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