Cottweiler FW16
By Lewis Firth | 9 January 2016
Photography Portia Hunt

Cottweiler AW16 | Portia Hunt for HERO Magazine

England’s floods in the north over Christmas were a stark reminder that we have fucked our planet: whole species of animals are going extinct; icecaps are still melting; summers are getting hotter; and crop yields are getting lesser.

Agronomy was a focus for Cottweiler this season, but colliding it with notions of technological advancements, Neolithic doctrine and the conclusive transition into a post-industrialisation condition.

Man-made and natural fibres were juxtaposed, presenting a multifaceted commentary of organic obsoleteness without the life-giving prop of man. Tinted cellophane, thermals and wicking fabrics were also used, resulting in a sort of Back to the Future II vibe: raglan-sleeved, plastic jackets; synthetic, super-high-waisted trousers (paired with a wooly jumper); and mittens. Boys were stood statically amongst fields of wheat in their forward-thinking get-up: a nod to the dreary future of farming.

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