Music Created Playlists

“It’s Christmassssssss!” Ring out the eternally annoying words of Slade’s Noddy Holder as the festive season raises it’s annual fluorescent red nose. The Christmas warning signs are here; turkeys become flavour of the month, TV adverts include 3″ minimum of CGI snow, and John Lewis revive their bizarre obsession with yanking the nation’s heartstrings until we weep.

Over here at HERO HQ we’re snowed under with Christmas spirit; eggnog lines the fridge, our halls are decked with balding tinsel, a 6ft inflatable Santa slouches deflated by the kettle, and the unpredictable strobe flashes emanating from a limp string of fairy lights mean it’s a 24/7 rave. To soundtrack the month we’ve tossed the Now That’s What I Call Christmas megamix out the window, and replaced it with our own Christmas mixtape line up, spinning on repeat – just what the doctor ordered.

In case you guys aren’t as fully immersed in the Christmas psyche as we are, tune your dials into HERO radio, the only station in town that is guaranteed to leave your ears ringing and your heads spinning. Marc Bolan kindly kicks off proceedings, swiftly followed by the likes of Mark E. Smith spreading the Christmas cheer, The Sonics, James Brown ‘Grooving at Christmas Time’ and the hushed tones of California’s husky voiced angel of joy himself, Mr Tom Waits.

So drop the needle, pop the cork, and soothe those ears. It’s time to sleigh it!