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Catch an exclusive first look at Julien David Quiksilver’s surf-skate film for Colette
By Lewis Firth | Fashion | 27 October 2015

Still, Julien David Quiksilver x Colette ‘Surf Club’ film

Julien David has continued his long-standing partnership with surf brand, Quiksilver, and developed a limited-edition skateboard for Colette’s annual ‘Surf Club’ weekend.

Antoine Wagner – along with David and Gregory Huyghues Despointes, who “made the soundtrack to the video in the Quiksilver Music Studio the morning of the shoot” – directed a video, which was shot during the event.

“I guess it reminds me of an early skate VHS I used to watch,” David told us of the video, “with a nice element of randomness and a fun spirit.”


The Colette collaboration saw David dream up a varnished recycled wood skateboard, completed in his characteristically vivid style with neon yellow trucks and pink wheels. It was put to its first test at the 162 Boardriders Skatepark in Saint Jean De Luz at a bowl-riding session.

David’s collaborative collections with Quiksilver are known for their skater, beach-boy vibe with long-haired boys, snapbacks and memorable tropes of both idiosyncratic subcultures.

“I grew up skateboarding as a teenager and spent time in skate and surf shops near where I lived in Paris,” David said – no surprise there, with his main line hinting skate and surf influences. “These cultures, for me, had ideals based around freedom – a sport you do for yourself, but not for competition. I think this concept still resonates today.” Another slick creative collision, clock it.

Head to Colette for more on the Julien David Quiksilver collaboration. 

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