Cellophane Memories

“Making this music was like capturing an errant conversation” Chrystabell on her new David Lynch collaboration
By Barry Pierce | Music | 5 June 2024

If you’ve only ever thought of David Lynch as one of the strangest and most brilliant filmmakers of our time then you’ve missed out on his strange and brilliant music career. Starting with his soundtrack to his debut feature film Eraserhead, Lynch has always been heavily involved in the music for all of his films and has released several albums of his own music, including 2011’s Crazy Clown Time (where he collaborated with Karen O) and 2013’s The Big Dream.

Frequently, Lynch appears in collaboration with other artists. Someone who he has often worked with is the American singer Chrystabell. Working together since 1999, Chrystabell and Lynch have released two albums together and she even appeared in Twin Peaks: The Return as special agent Tammy Preston. Their third album, Cellophane Memories, will be released on August 2nd via Sacred Bones and it was inspired by a vision that Lynch had. As he recalls it, during a nighttime walk through a forest of tall trees, Lynch saw a bright light. The light became the lilt of Chrystabell’s voice and it revealed a secret to him. It is from this vision that the new album was born.

In anticipation of Cellophane Memories, Chrystabell tells us, “After 25 years of creating music together, David and I had established a standard operating procedure that worked for us. But on this record, all of that changed. Making this music was like capturing an errant conversation or cherished memory that was floating by and giving it music and melody. It’s ambient but multi-dimensional, transparent yet highly reflective, very intentional and also a happy accident. I don’t always know what to make of it but I keep going back to it and feeling as if I am visiting a dear friend who gives really good hugs when I need them.”

Chrystabell and David Lynch’s new single, Sublime Eternal Love, drops today with a music video directed by Lynch.
Pre-order the album here.

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