printed, hung, semi-dried, distorted

Acclaimed photographer Petros on their debut art exhibition
By Barry Pierce | Art | 9 May 2024

Many people will know Petros as one of the leading fashion photographers out there, producing viral magazine covers and campaigns for the likes of Isabel Marant and Saint Laurent. But in rare moments of free time, they are also an artist. Currently at 65 Dalston Lane, WASH is Petros’ debut art exhibition. Exploring colour shifts, silhouettes and forms, Petros’ work is an exploration of innovative techniques and methods; a mixed-media extension of their photographic vision. Of course, we caught up with Petros to find out all about the show.

Barry Pierce: Your exhibition is called WASH, where did this title come from?
Petros: The name wash came from the process used to create the pieces, the images are printed, hung, semi-dried, then the last stage is washing all the remaining ink off resulting in a staining of the paper.

BP: Where do you find inspiration for these works?
P: My inspiration comes from experimentation, pushing and distorting the capabilities of traditional mediums, exploring the unseen.

BP: What processes did you go through to make these works?
P: I teamed up with make-up artist Athena Paginton, we carried out a two-day photoshoot which we street-cast for, once we found our collective of interesting individuals, we explored colour, shapes and pattern to create wonderful abstract characters for our models, these final images were then put through the WASH process and turned into the main pieces for the show.

BP: When did you first start making works like the ones in WASH?
P: I have been experimenting and honing this new technique for about a year, it’s been a wonderful journey full of surprises and happy accidents, every image is unique, even when you print five of them, they always wash up differently.

BP: What can people who know you through your photography expect from this exhibition?
P: People viewing WASH can expect a similar approach to that of my photography, lots of colour, texture, interesting shapes and hopefully an image that captures the imagination.

Petros: WASH is currently on showing at Have a butchers Gallery, 65 Dalston Lane.


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