Ease and style

Zegna’s new shoe fits like a glove
By Christie Spelman | Fashion | 12 February 2024

Zegna continues to innovate and experiment, revealing the new Triple Stitch SECONDSKIN sneaker.

Keeping true to their dark neutrals and earthy tones inspired by the landscapes of Oasi Zegna – the brand’s incredible 100 km2 nature reserve located from Trivero to the peaks of the Biella Alps in Northern Italy  – SECONDSKIN is exactly what it says it is; a second skin. Wherever your adventures take you, the shoe morphs to the shape of your foot for ultimate comfort and versatility. It’s all down to its construction: originally developed for glove making, the leather craft behind the shoe is completed by thirteen artisans involved in crafting each pair – twelve months of training are required to be a Zegna master artisan.

With Zegna, the leather is elite, sourced from New Zealand the brand uses an ergonomic suede-leather fabric less than one millimetre thick to allow the shoe to wrap around the contours of your foot, while ovine tanning techniques ensure that your leather no longer creases. The style recalls the lapel of blazer – finished with Zegna’s synonymous triple stitch signature. 



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